About Us

What we are

Sigma Dairy Research & Development is an entity that has for so long dwelled on the ideals of trust, hard work, mutual co-operation, interdependence, equality amongst its members and loyalty. We here believe in the ideals of ''WORK ETHICS'' giving a first class service to our customers ensuring the quality and reliability of the desired product. The company which earlier dealt with the process of Ice-cream making had launched itself in the field of Ice-cream Plant making and Dairy equipments 45 years back. The company now deals with the manufacturing of Ice-cream plant and Dairy equipments and exporting of the same to the nations worldwide and within the country as well. Our company also shares a reputed standing and goodwill in the market making itself the best amongst all its competitors. The company has also been accredited as ISO certified, thereby assuring the authenticity in the market.

Why Choose Us?

At Sigma Research and Development we take care the most at Sigma Dairy Research & Development:

  • Maintaining The Best Quality Standards
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Excellent After Sale Service
  • Authenticity And Reliability Of Products
  • Balanced Combination Of Hard Work And Intellect
  • Best Market Price Available To The Customers
  • Constantly Innovating And Advancing
  • Launching New Technologies To Meet The Changing Demands Of The Modern World
  • Efficiency And Effectiveness

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Pioneers of Sigma Dairy Research And Development


Vijay Sharma

Sigma Dairy Research & Development has a long standing in the field of Ice Cream Machinery and Dairy equipments since the British times started by Late Shri. Raghunandan Sharma. The company has now been headed and run by Mr. Vijay Sharma S/O Shri.Raghunanadan Sharma. Mr Vijay Sharma has been in this field since he was 18yrs old. He has an in depth knowledge about dairy machineries and refrigerating systems. His main passion is the engineering that is used in manufacturing and designing of the machinery. Being a veteran in the field of dairy science, Vijay Sharma has been working since 30 years and has flourished tremendously with the introduction of new technology.


Akhilesh Sharma

Being son of Vijay Sharma, he too shares the passion of dairy science just like his father. Akhilesh Sharma at a very young age of 19 years, got into the field of dairy science. Akhilesh has his own way of looking at things, and being the youth of this era, he is a techno friendly person, and has introduced many new innovations that have helped in advancement of machineries produced in Sigma Dairy Research and Development. Akhilesh has his focus on research and development in the field of dairy science. Akhilesh has a vision, that is to take Sigma Dairy Research and Development through use of technology and science. Akhilesh understand the needs of the clients and provides according to their needs, thus getting 100% client satisfaction.